24 Hour Care

Sometimes a family needs round the clock care or assistance for a loved one. Whether this care is needed due to advanced Alzheimer's or Dementia, recovery from surgery, or any other reason, Abundant Blessings Homecare's team of professional, caregivers provide the compassionate care that is needed. 

Our Care Managers tailor a plan of care to the specific needs of your family and loved one.

24 hour care can be provided on a short term (ie: after surgery or during hospice care) or long term basis.

Families just like yours told us their desires regarding care for their loved ones...and we listened. 

Because we care, not only do we specialize in 24 Hour Care, we handle it different than others do.

What we do different:

  • Fewer caregivers: The number one concern we hear from clients who are coming to us after receiving services from another agency is that they felt like they had a "revolving door of caregivers". We designate a specific team of regular caregivers who have longer shifts thereby reducing the number of caregivers in and out of the home.

  • Your designated team of caregivers are trained for the specific home and client: Your loved one will only have caregivers in the home who are trained specifically for their needs and their home. In addition, no stranger will ever be sent to your loved ones home, all caregivers will be introduced.

  • Continuity of Care: Having a designated team of caregivers provides excellent continuity of care. Communication is thorough and ongoing between the caregivers and Care Managers. In addition our Care Managers communicate with doctors as needed and update them on progress.